A New Face for Hartzell House!

In the midst of our busy season, we are looking back on a year filled with fabulous new friends, and valued old friends (some of whom shared our first HH byob, wine pairing dinner).

Late last Summer, we had Christian Giannelli Photography in to make our photos pop, and what a great job they did! We enjoyed getting to know Christian and his dad – even though they turned the house upside down in the process!

We continued improvements to the yard and outbuildings (Thanks for your help AV!), and had some big changes in our internet face.

We spent the better part of the cold months working hard on the new website with Acorn Internet Services, and hope we have accomplished the goals we set out to meet. The first of which was to make the site more user friendly by making the trip from introduction to reservation less convoluted and more intuitive, and offer our visitors more useful resources and information for a wonderful Southern Laurel Highlands experience. The second was to make it SHINE (Thank you CGP!), and the third was to make it sing a siren song to the Googlebots, and attract some attention! I hope we succeeded.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions about ways to make the site more friendly, accessible, or informative, please let us know.

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