Calling All Artists

Looking for a self directed winter art retreat? Come paint this barn with me!

Midwinter barn in barren field with cloudy sky

Inspiration for our Winter Art Workshop

I was out on a drizzly day just before the beginning of the new year, and was so inspired by the stark beauty of the countryside. Usually, by this time we are buried under a quiet blanket of snow, but the changing weather (for good or for bad) has created such a compelling palette that I could not resist stopping for a few photos that I have taken back to the studio for inspiration.

Colorful Brush and Fallow Fields

Colorful Brush and Fallow Fields

If you feel the same way, come on up… We will move some tables after breakfast, put up easels in the greatroom, and make a workshop of it!  

Hunting Stand in dormant hay field

Hunting Stand not far from Hartzell House Bed and Breakfast

Catching some reflections on a rainy roadway.

My friend Beth calls this Fox Grass due to the color.

Sun-bleached Barn on a rainy afternoon

Lots of area photos to choose from, or bring your own.

Midwinter Barn on a barren field with leafless trees

Due to some auto-immune issues, this is open for acrylic, soft pastel, and watercolor mediums only. Please bring your own favorite materials, supplies, and mediums.

This is a judgement free space where we can learn together, inspire one another, or those of you with more experience may choose to mentor those of us with less.

There is no charge for this seasonal activity, just our regular room rates with breakfast included. In order to reserve this special, you MUST phone to discuss availability, as I need to ensure our creativity won’t impede the enjoyment of any scheduled guests with non-artistic sensibilities! Minimum two night stay required. If you choose a weekday stay, our Pay for Three, Get the Forth Night Free Special applies.

Please email me with questions, comments, concerns, and to discuss available dates!



My recent scratchings

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