At Hartzell House, we want guests to feel confident that safety and comfort are at the forefront of our actions and intentions.

From the inception of the B&B in 2006, The Hartzell House has always made the health and well-being of our guests our number one priority. So as a response to COVID, we instituted new policies for ourselves, our staff, and our guests, and a new cleaning and sanitizing protocol designed to greatly minimize the risk of infection within our sphere.

We follow the recommendations of the CDC, and the WHO, and common sense procedures and practices to avoid the spread of COVID, protect our guests, neighbors, friends, and families, and support our brave healthcare workers.

  • High quality HEPA filters are located in common areas and guest rooms of the B&B. 
  • Outdoor space heaters enable us to utilize seating in the courtyard and patios if needed. Plexiglass barriers help to separate guests from the kitchen, while still providing open visibility to the cooking process.
  • We utilize a duvet system to ensure all bedding is efficiently sanitized between guests. Once a guest room is vacated, all linens and reusable items are removed and sanitized, consumables are disposed of, and the room is fogged with a 3.5% hydrogen peroxide and essential oil blend and allowed to dwell for 30 minutes.
  • Rooms are locked until a new guest takes occupancy.
  • Key sets are sanitized after turn-in.
  • Commonly touched surfaces like doorbells, doorknobs, remotes, light switches, water taps and handles, cabinet and drawer handles, refrigerator handles, coffee and tea kettle handles, and countertops are regularly cleaned. Our table tops, chair backs and arms will be spray sanitized between guest seatings.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are available at all the entrances to the interior of Hartzell House, and pump bottles of hand sanitizer are at strategic points throughout the inn for guests use.
  • To ease your mind regarding food preparation and kitchen hygiene, both Robert and Melissa have been ServeSafe Certified and our kitchen is commercially licensed.
  • A Meiko Commercial Dishwasher that runs at 186 degrees heat sanitizes everything that goes into preparing and serving your meals at Hartzell House, and we always purchase our consumables from verified vendors for your protection.
  • We are gratefully complying with PA laws requiring masks in all indoor common spaces of our business. If guests arrive without masks, disposable ones are available to allow entry. Stylish ones are available for purchase!
  • We are only allowing registered guests, staff, and service technicians entrance to the B&B. 

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we have temporarily discontinued daily housekeeping services in the guest rooms. We want to limit exposure for the sake of our guests and our staff safety. We will be happy to take your trash and deliver towels or supplies to your door. For guests with an extended stay of 3 or more nights, we will provide housekeeping every third day upon request.

Our promise to you is to do everything in our power to maintain a safe and healthy environment in which you may relax, regenerate, and breathe easy.

Please email or call to discuss any concerns or questions you might have. We are grateful to hear your thoughts.

Remember to stay calm, stay alert and tuned in to the actions of those around you, and follow common sense practices as you enjoy and live your lives.

Wishing you love and peace, and safe and joyful journeys,

Robert, Melissa and the Hartzell House Staff

Hartzell House Bed & Breakfast